Wednesday, April 15, 2009


One think i'm not understandin' is all the hype about Lindsay Lohan bein a " coke head " . Even if she is . . She is still a bad bitch . If crack gives you this much fashion style . .Pass the pipe . lol . Sike'Nah - Keep that shit but forreal tho . She's still fabolous . Sure she lost alot of weight but then if she would of gain'd weight people would of swore she was pregnant. You could never win in America .

Another thing is her & my bitch Samantha Ronson . I fucks' w. Samantha Ronson . Me & her have a lot in common . But one minute the media says' they're together in love & the nxt they have a restraining order against each other , I'm not gettin it . They look nicee together tho & I hope they didnt break up . From the matchin' Ray-Ban Wayfarers to matchin tatts' to matchin leathers' . . Poppin' Couple .

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