Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tattooooss !

Tattoos has become one of things everyone has to do ! Many celebrities have gotten some of the best ones tho . Likee Marc Jacobs , Rihanna , Angelina Jolie , Pharrell , Lloyd Banks & many more this is just some .

Marc Jacobs :

Tattoo'd by Scott Cambell - Many colorful stars , Spongebob, His self as a Simpsons Character , a M&M , two renditions of a logo for a porn magazine called " Oui ", a couch on his hip , the word " Shameless " on his chest ," Bros Before Hos " On His Forearm , " Perfect " on his right wrist .

Rihanna :

On her right shoulder she has her birthday in Roman Numerals .

Angelina Jolie :

Fact: Angelina got the tiger on her lower back done in Bangkok .

& Her kids coordinates where they were born on her arm .


Pharrell currently had the tattoos on his forearm removed recently .

Lloyd Banks:

Tattoo done at Miami Ink . You might know them

from they're TV show .

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  1. I love Tattoos && Rihanna is my Icon Beside my Sex Vixen Angelina Jolie